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Speed Education Program


Pakistan, a country of 220 million people, sitting at the crossroads of history, geography, politics and international orderand considered one of the most important countries politically, socially and for the future of the world suffers from a major malaise.
Since its foundation, lack of funding in the education and neglect of health and education has left it in a terrible state. Today, estimated 22 to 25 million children are out of school. Just pause and reflect on that. This is more than the population of many countries in the world and is almost
40% the population of the UK.
Pakistan is a country which is young, 65% of its population is under 30. These children need to be in the school with the will and power of the people in backing many nonprofitable institutions have been established by those who are concerned and who love the country and its people.

However, there is a major problem, there is almost 10-12 million of these children are above the age of 12. How do you teach a child who is more than 12 years and get them back into education? Do you make him sit with a young child? Do you get him to educate to a graduate level by age 28-30? What exactly do you do? This is a conundrum which has been unsolved and various accelerated learning programs have been developed and introduced but none so successful and none so effective than speed education developed by Vision 21. We at Vision 21 have developed a speed education program which can deliver an education of first 10-11 years that is up to the matriculation stage, the old OLevels; the equivalent of GCSE in UK, in 5 years. This means that a child starting at the age of 11-12 with us achieve the levels of GCSEs and matriculates at the age of 16-17 now that he is back into the education system.

The Education 2030: Framework for Action identified the need for certified education programming which affords flexible and alternative pathways and entry/re-entry points into the formal education system.

Accelerated Education (AE) programmed are used to promote access to certified education for children and adolescents who have missed out on substantial amounts of schooling. In the next stage we have now started the program for full graduation which again will be condensed down into a 5 and a half year program. Therefore, we will achieve a child starting at the age of 11 and 12 to achieve their graduation at the normal age of 21-23. This program has specifically been developed not only in an accelerated manner but has the main characteristics of developing children with meaningful and good character, decent, righteous human beings who are tolerant, who have inquisitive mind, who are critical thinkers and who can face up to the challenges of the 21st century as well as have skills to earn their living and stand on their own two feet and contribute to the economy. Various models of the program have been developed with various streams, including academic streams which can make you a doctor or an engineer, or skill streams which can make you vocationally qualified, skilled person who can work in various industries. Specific program have been developed keeping in view the background and the culture of the children whose parents are earning less than $1 a day and living in slums and the back waters of the major cities, urban centers as well as in various rural areas. The program specifically takes into account the culture and way of living in Pakistan and puts the education and the learning in the correct perspective and the context in which the Pakistani society is living. Having developed the full model, we now need support to expand this model across the country to address the problem faced by 12 million children to not only educate them but bring them back in the fold of educated skilled workforce, but those who are characterful, who place truth, integrity, will to learn, tolerance and being the decent human being above all, who will rise to the occasion to help us tackle the massive problem that we face. It only takes $1 a day of your earnings to enable us to change a child’s life, and it is not only the child’s life but his whole future generations, and it is not only the future generations but the whole society and a whole country, a country which sits at the critical crossroads of international order, strategically, economically, politically and may become the pivot for not the clash of civilizations, but for the reconciliation for civilizations; The key to the human future.